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St. Mungo's Luganulk 2: The Umpire Strikes Back

St. Mungo's Luganulk 2: The Umpire Strikes Back

Sunday 16th June 2019

Ireland's favourite inter county team St. Mungo's Luganulk return to Donaghmore for the first time since the world premiere of their first show.

Once officially the worst Gaelic football team in Ireland, St Mungo’s have now turned everything around. They are climbing up the league, the Mini-Mungo’s are blitzing blitzes all over Ulster and the new Ladies team is quickly gaining a reputation for being anything but ladylike on the pitch.

Donaghmore U-14's boys Feile Fundraiser for All-Ireland Mayo trip at end of June.

Time: 7.30pm

Price: £15.00


Message from The Chairman & Vice-Chairman of St. Mungo's

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