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Theatre of Screams

Theatre of Screams

Wednesday 27 - Sunday 31 October 2021

While actors have been locked out of theatres, unsavory characters have been locked in. Brought to you by the twisted and creative mind of Brian (Bugsy) McMahon of BDramatic. 

Autumn is the season of rot. Decay draws every creature out of hiding. You should be wary of both the inhumane, as well as what is far too human for comfort. Ignorance is bliss, they say. In the dark, you can’t see that which might wish you harm. When your eyes are shut tight, you can’t know what’s right before them. Even as the walls close in, and cage you ever closer, at least you don’t know. At least you don’t know. Fear is what tells you you’re prey. What is it that circles around you, watching you, ever watching? Remember: What is chaos for the fly, is normal for the spider. You are not the spider anymore. You are the fly, and they know it.

Come closer. Closer still. Nothing in the dark wants to hurt you. It’s only starving. So hungry, its stomach is folding in on itself, asking for some flesh to sate its ache. You understand, right?

“We haven’t met people in so very long. We know who you are, and we’ve missed you. We need you here. There’s only one way to go, and that way is forward. You can’t turn back now”

Pray you survive

Nightly from 7.30pm to 10.40pm

RIP Tickets from 10.20pm tours on Sunday 31 October


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