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About Us


Over the last 40 years, Bardic Theatre has become widely recognised as the cornerstone of community theatre, not only for its top quality professional productions which have nurtured a ream of household theatre & show-biz names, but mostly for its ground-breaking community impact across Mid Ulster and beyond as far as Russia.


Bardic Theatre continues to grow from strength to strength and in its time has touched the lives of almost 25,000 members and loyal patrons. This success can be attributed to our ability to engage a vast spectrum of theatrical interests, regardless of age. From those who ‘tread the boards’ to the behind the scenes production team or for the theatregoer who sees it all from front of house, Bardic Theatre has become a sanctuary for all ages.

The launch of our Theatre School with ‘Show Stoppers’ and  ‘Dance School’ is our bottom-up approach, investing in the Bardic Community. We have theatre school for all ages, from pre-school to those young at heart.



Eamonn Devlin, Television Producer and Director (Triplevision Productions)

The Bardic Theatre and in particular Sean Faloon gave me the opportunity to change my life. It gave me the drive and ambition to reach for the stars. It gave me the confidence to dare to dream and that if you work hard and are dedicated to what you believe in that you can achieve absolutely anything.

I've only got to the moon and still have a fair bit to go to reach my star. But without the influence of The Bardic, Sean Faloon and the many other wonderfully talented people who make every production possible I really don't believe I would have the career I find myself in today.

Appearing in The Bardic's Blood Brothers is still one of the highlights of my life. A heartfelt thanks to all involved. Love Eamonn x


Karen Kirby, Executive Producer, BBC Gaeilge

My first production was in Oliver! in 1983, I was a happy 11 year old singing for more food in the workhouse! Upcoming production of Rock of Ages in 2016, art imitating life, I'll be on stage as a journalist! Opportunity, encouragement, confidence, team-work and friendship - that's what belonging to Bardic means to me.


Conor Grimes, Actor/Writer/Comedian

I was in the first ever Bardic show, Oliver! by Lionel Bart. Playing The Artful Dodger was Sean Faloon's gift to me, because the moment I walked out on stage in Edendork hall I knew I was going to be an actor. From that very instant I became a torture to my parents and family and friends as I carved out my career. All thanks to The Bardic.


Emma Heatherington, Novelist/Scriptwriter

I wrote my first play when I was 12 and rehearsed it with reluctant friends under the Bardic stage! Sean gave me my first big chance in 2005 with Sno’Height and 7 novels and numerous plays and musicals later I can now call myself a writer! Thanks to everyone at Bardic – it’s so much more than a theatre. It’s a community and a way of life.


To celebrate 30 years of Bardic, we seek your help to build our archives with memorabilia such as photos & videos and want to hear from anyone who has been part of the Bardic family who would like to share how Bardic Theatre impacted on your life.

As a registered charity we recognise the importance of our funders. We want to share how you have enabled our growth from humble beginnings and share our beautifully ambitious vision that we want you to be a part of…. 

Enjoy our all-new Bardic Theatre site and be sure to stay in touch.

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