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Saturday 29th April 2017


BackWest were formed in the Summer of 2016 - an exciting new Trad band which brings together the old and the new!

Featuring Tyrone's legendary virtuoso PJ McDonald (tin whistle and guitar), Galway's well known brother and sister duo Maureen and Brendan Browne (fiddle and button accordion) and Lord of the Dance's Peter Vickers (percussion and dance) this four piece is not just any four piece. They bring together three realms within both live and recorded performances: music, song and dance!

BackWest bring their audience on a euphoric journey that not only entrances the listener but stimulates the visual. They entertain by bringing past and present memories, friendships and musical styles that are steeped in tradition, uniquely bonding together to create an energy that will leave one wanting more! Their new album The Long Walk released in March 2017 is only the beginning for this vibrant band.

Not to be missed!
Show: 8.00pm
Tickets: £12.00


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