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One for the Road & A Kind of Alaska

One for the Road & A Kind of Alaska

Friday 03 & Saturday 04 November 2017

In 'One for the Road'... Perhaps Pinter's most terrifying play, - Victor, an intellectual, his wife Gila and their son, are interrogated by a Government Official, a Grand Inquisitor determined to protect the state from dissent. But is there a personal motive in the background? ..... Will 'Right' triumph over ‘Might’? ....Who will be the ‘Victor’?

Contains Strong Language


'A Kind of Alaska'... Unlike most of Pinter's plays, is admittedly and specifically inspired by the Oliver Sachs seminal book 'Awakenings'. Where the memorable film starring Robin Williams and Robert DeNiro focusses on a group of patients, Pinter places Deborah, who has been in a completely comatose state for 29 years, as the central character. When awoken she inherits the body and mind of Deborah the 16year old. 


Venue: Square Box Theatre at Hill Of The O'Neill & Ranfurly House


Time: 8.00-8.40pm (One for the Road)

          9.00-9.45pm (A Kind of Alaska)


Price: £12.00 (Adults) & £10.00 (Concessions)


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